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Are you after levelling floors, grinding tiles, screed removal, expansion joints & more? Use Danlaid’s quality floor levelling.

Mackay Danlaid Contracting is a flooring preparation and waterproofing contracting business, carrying out all tasks of flooring in a professional manner, on time and on budget.

Mackay Danlaid franchise has a team of highly experienced support staff offering ongoing advice around the clock. Our business prides itself on offering our clients exceptional service that ensures that their projects get carried out exactly as they would expect them to.

Mackay Danlaid offer obligation free site measures and quotes, so as a client, they can always be assured of prompt, reliable, and courteous service. 

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Photos of Danlaid Mackay work:

Blue Water Quay Project Mackay:

A typical example of waterproofing to retainer walls

Danlaid Contracting Mackay was contracted by Woollam Constructions to install all the tanking to the block walls and caulking to construction joints at the Blue Water Quay Project in Mackay. We applied two thick coats of a bitumen rubber membrane to the walls to ensure moisture prevention. Once all the walls were tanked we installed a 3mm protector board so there was no damage to the barrier during backfill. There was 620 square metres of tanking and 200 lineal metres of caulking.

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Epoxy Seamless Flake Flooring:

Danlaid Contracting Mackay was contracted to install a seamless epoxy flake floor to all the wet areas and conference room to the Komiutum Army Barracks in Mackay. After preparing the slab by mechanical grinding we applied a primer coat using a Danlaid two pack epoxy. We then applied a two pack colour coat in which we broadcasted  vinyl flakes while the epoxy was still uncured. Once the floor was dry we applied two coats of non-yellowing polyurethane.

P1010302.jpg P1010305.jpg


Hastings Deering Australia:

A large variety of works performed for Hastings Deering Australia

This is one of the projects Danlaid Contracting Mackay has completed for Hastings Deering Pty Ltd in Mackay. Works included treating  5000 square metres  of new concrete with Densiproof which acted as a curing agent and also as a waterproofing barrier, caulking of approximately 4000 lineal metres with polyurethane, waterproofing to 400 square metres of internal wet areas and installing 5400 square metres of  two pack epoxy. Prior to the installation of the two pack epoxy the substrate was prepared by mechanical grinding with a 400kg 3 phase grinder which removed all impurities prior to application.

P1010286.jpg P1010287.jpg


Rockhampton Courthouse:

The rectification of 12 years of leaking water into the office space below.

Danlaid Contracting Mackay was contacted by Geoff Murphy  from JM Kelly in Rockhampton and asked us if we could install a waterproofing system that would prevent moisture leakage which had been prevalent for the 12 previous years. We took on the project which entailed ripping up the 60mm  screed and tiles which was covering  the troublesome substrate. We then proceeded to install a new system which was the 4mm Testudo torch on membrane. Once that stage was completed we covered the membrane with 3mm  Coreflute protector board prior to the new screed being poured. On completion we also did a flood test which proved that our system was a success.

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